Dear Customers and Business Partners,

eurowort© specialises in translations related to the broadly defined activities in all specialist fields: from business correspondence, through internal, accountancy and legal documentation, to expertise, technical manuals as well as other texts.


I personally deal with translations into Polish. Whenever other European languages (such as German, English, Polish, Russian, Slovak and Ukrainian) are involved, it is my colleagues that provide their professional services.


We use business language and we know how to translate philosophy of a company into a foreign language, with attention being paid to its specificity and market rules.


The eurowort© brand means quality, services provided in accordance with customers’ expectations and business-oriented manner of thinking.


For 15 years, I have been personally tackling short- and long-term projects for numerous individual customers as well as companies.


I look forward to our cooperation. Together, we can discuss the main areas of your company’s activities as well as your translation needs.



Sylvia Steinweber


Mitglied der tekom, dem deutschen Fachverband für technische Kommunikation und Dokumentation.

Wir nutzen das Informations- und Weiterbildungsangebot der tekom. Das neu erworbene Wissen wird in der Praxis umgesetzt. Unsere Kunden profitieren davon.


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